#WOD WELTOFFENES DRESDEN is an open association of cultural institutions in public and private sponsorship in Dresden, founded in 2014. Together we stand up for a cosmopolitan and solidary society, by standing up for the dignity of every human being and democratic values as well as living art and culture in its diversity and freedom.

As #WOD we are part of the civil society and set aesthetic, artistic and content-related impulses for a reflected, critical and careful handling of our democratically constituted liberal society and its culture. Dresden's cultural vibrancy and rich artistic creativity are the spirit of the city. They shape communities and accompany their lively change.

Art and culture make a constructive contribution to necessary social discourses and can activate and nurture them again and again. In times of increasing anti-democratic tendencies, art and culture in their many forms express diversity. This is made possible in societies by a freedom of expression and must continue to be preserved in our city. It needs people who publicly and audibly stand up for lived values and an atmosphere of togetherness. For #WOD WELTOFFENDES DRESDEN, this includes standing up for basic democratic values, solidarity with other democratic forces and cultural workers, as well as the recognition of the equal value of different life models and value concepts that respect the Basic Law; as well as awareness of grievances and the critical examination of one's own privileges. We see the accompanying challenges as enrichment, the changes brought about by a globally networked world as an expansion of our regional perspective, and the resulting conflicts as an opportunity for constructive debate.

What do we want?


More or less?! – Perspectives for the future of culture in Dresden

The first year of the pandemic 2020 was a difficult year for society as a whole. In 2020, artists and cultural workers were existentially affected by the corona pandemic and its consequences will probably also be felt beyond 2021. #WOD WELTOFFENES DRESDEN has started to question the side effects of the pandemic, also in cooperation with the Kulturnetzwerk and many other independent actors.

On Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 11.00 am, a discussion event with guests from culture and politics took place at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden (Schauspielhaus, Theaterstr. 2, 01067 Dresden) with the central question: “What is this future worth to us? «On the podium were Annekatrin Klepsch, Second Mayor, Alderman for Culture and Tourism of the City of Dresden; Carena Schlewitt, European Center for the Arts Hellerau, Intendant; Lydia Hempel, State Association of Fine Arts of Saxony eV, Managing Director; Anne Pallas, State Association of Socioculture Saxony e.V., Managing Director; Torsten Tannenberg, Sächsischer Musikrat e.V., managing director; the session was moderated by Frank Richter.

Since October 2020, a working group “Table Discussions” has been dealing with the mediation of the question of why institutions and independant culture institutions and actors need stability right now in the crisis. On November 12th, within the frame of the event "Of Air and Love - Is the Future of Culture Resistant to Crisis?" three table discussions were scheduled, in which politicians, institutions and the independent scene were invited to join, first at the museum Technische Sammlungen, later the event was rescheduled for a shared video conference. The working group received a great deal of positive feedback from the cultural scene and political groups on this new format. Since everyone's capacities were challenged by the lockdown in November, the decision was made to postpone the date for the planned table discussions. The thread of conversation with all invited guests and participants will be maintained and the event will be carried out in the planned form of a physical meeting in 2021 - as soon as possible.

A joint statement by the cultural institutions of #WOD - WELTOFFENES DRESDEN on concerns about the future viability of culture in Dresden was published in early November 2020.