Anne Peschken & Marek Pisarsky (Urban Art)



Seen from a distance, many colorful blurred spots appear on this banner. Perhaps they are suns, fireworks, explosions or even distant star worlds? We can only see more clearly when we get close to the banner, because a small light glows inside the dark spots. If we follow it into the depths, into deep space, can we perhaps see into the future? Or into the past? Does one require the other? In any case, you have to get close enough - otherwise the blur remains.

Anne Peschken and Marek Pisarsky have been dealing with social, aesthetic and historical aspects since 1988, which they renegotiate as »urban street workers« in public space. They are regular guests at the Societaetstheater with their highly publicized actions.

A peephole installation presented by Societaetstheater.

Grafik: Urban Art