Morgen und der Tag danach

Nazanin Zandi

Staatsschauspiel Dresden

Prager Straße

Nazanin Zandi: "Morgen und der Tag danach"

Nazanin Zandi was born in the Iranian city of Kerman and spent her school years in Italy and France. She later studied architecture in Paris and Dresden, where she has lived since 1996. She speaks seven languages and has been working as a freelance illustrator, painter, artistic project manager, curator and graphic designer as well as in cultural education since 1999. Nazanin Zandi offers weekly creative courses and workshops for children, young people and adults as well as explicitly for refugees. Last year, she was honoured with the Dresden State Capital Award. She has been a member of the Dresden Cultural Advisory Board since 2024.

"The photo shows my daughter in front of an idyllic seascape. She is looking into the distance, she is looking into the future.

She is looking at tomorrow and the day after. She is full of vitality and radiotes a lot of confidence. As a mother, I look at the photo and think of all the challenges and dangers that she will face in the future: climate change, racism, gender struggles, war, poverty, hunger, health worries, etc. But I also think of all the joys she could experience through good politics, cooperation in solidarity, social responsibility and empathy."

Nazanin Zandi